Beef Osso Bucco




Perfect for a deep, savoury slow braise. This classic cut translates from Italian as “hollow bone” as the nutritious marrow melts out of the bone and enriches the sauce, over a low and slow cook.

We can assure the complete provenance of the meat from our farm, from pasture to plate, making us practically unique. We produce the finest award-winning meat by raising our animals to an exceptional standard.

Our grass fed rare and native breeds including Gloucester, South Devon and Aberdeen Angus, are naturally suited to Daylesford’s traditional, low-impact, high-welfare organic farming methods. We have even built our own abattoir to ensure the highest welfare and reduce food miles. Our animals mature slowly, in harmony with their true nature, nourishing the soil they roam on – which keeps our British countryside diverse and thriving.

Cooking instructions: To slow cook, preheat oven to 170*c (150 fan). Toss in seasoned flour, fry in an oven-proof pan until well browned. Add vegetables, stir and pour in a good beef stock and a splash of wine. Cover well and oven cook for 2.5hrs+. After 3-4 hours, the meat will yield easily from the bone and break into the sauce. Check to top up the liquid during cooking.

Storage: Refrigerate 0 – 5*C.

Good to freeze: freeze on day of delivery and defrost before use

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